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When it comes to the home-based DIY mechanic, one of the most important kits you should have in your armory is a hydraulic jack. This jack weighing 79 pounds itself wouldn't disappoint you when it comes to lifting a load. The floor jack's linkage bars could start to wear out at maximum weight. They provide a sturdy base when jacking up a car because they are wider and longer than the other two types of jacks.

Wheel chocks are placed behind your wheels to prevent any kind of movement that might occur when lifting your car. Comparing it to similar floor jacks with weight in close to 80 lbs, this one with aluminum weighs in at just under 60 lbs (which is impressive for 3-ton capacity).

You have to look at the type of jobs you want to do with the floor jack model you will buy in order to determine how powerful it must be. Most floor jacks are rated anywhere from 1 to 4 tons of lifting capacity. It features flanged side plates for added strength and its wide stature makes for added stability when lifting a load.

One of the best things about this low-profile floor jack is that the arm is reinforced with steel. It's important to remember that your jack will never support 100% of the weight of your car. With a wider and longer base, floor jacks are sturdier and some of the better models can get pretty more info expensive.

We're fascinated by the mechanical advantage of hydraulic jacks. One of the reasons why aluminum car jacks are in demand is because they do not corrode. These kinds of jacks can also be used for more intensive purpose like lifting a transmission, that is if you get a transmission jack adaptor.

It is the most popular type of floor jack that you can currently buy and the best thing about the hydraulic floor jack is its affordable price. It is a heavy duty but low profile floor jack with a maximum capacity of 3 tons. Reminder: it is necessary to oil hydraulic floor jacks to maintain their operation over time.